• 160lm/W
    • 30W / 40W / 60W / 35W / 50W /70W optional
    • DALI / 1-10V / DIMswitch dimmable optional
    • 5 / 8 / 12 wire Lighting rail
    • daylight sensor,motion sensor
    • sharp / narrow / wide / flat / asymmetric / double asymmetric angle

Coreshine S-LINE Linear Lighting System is an energy-efficient, low maintenance better alternative to traditional linear fluorescent in a variety of industrial, commercial and light assembly applications. It is the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems and also excellent for new installations due to its low installation cost everything in one box and installation is tool-less. It saves both time and costs when installing lighting systems.

  • .Cost-effective light-line solution for industrial, commercial and other applications
  • .Good quality of light with high lumen output to meet different requirements
  • .Easy to install, reducing time, labor, packaging waste and complexity
  • .Flexible solution
  • correct_03   Supermarket
  • correct_03   Warehouse
  • correct_03   Industrial
  • correct_03   Other indoor lighting
Trunking Rail
  • * 3-phase pre-selection via moving luminaire male connector pin to right or left to installation in rail
  • * Trunking rail as standard with 5, 8 or 12-core through-wiring with 2.5mm2cable for power supply and 1.5mm2 cable for dimming control.
  • * The maximum current is 16A, allowing 70pcs of 1500mm 50W in one serial row 220VAC power supply
  • * Separate power supplies, dimming or emergency supply can be integrated
  • * Electrical feed possible in sideward or end area of a trunking rail arrangement via special trunking rail element
  • * Trunking rail modules with pre-assembled connectors
  • * Wide distances between suspension points to 3m with self-supporting connector elements
  • * Simple mounting of trunking rail elements with pre-assembled connectors with integral plug-in system (electrical and mechanical connection)
Emergency Lighting Function

•It can work on normal mains and automatically switch to emergency supply in the event of a power failure to
provide sufficient light and ensure safe evacuation in emergency situations.

•A wide variety of self contained battery is available, as well as two independent emergency lighting circuits in the trunking.

  • •Pendant Chain Installation
  • •Pendant Cord Installation
  • •Pendant Rod Installation
  • •Surface Mounted
  • •Mounting Clip
Dimming & Multi-Sensor System

•3 different dimming system, DALI, 1-10V and DIMswitch

•It does not only have an integrated microwave sensor for movement detection, but also a daylight sensor.

Node Connector

•L, T and X Standard Module Node connectors

•Each node connector has diverse of electrical feed-in and feed-out

CHR wire for detection and charging

4 poles for two independent emergency

lighting circuits

(4 x 1.5 mm2)

5 connections for power supply (5 x 2.5 mm2)

•Load sharing allows triple continuous- row length

•Separately switchable circuits for extremely easy

light control in triple circuit

2 control lines with


signal for brightness control

Leds Feature

With a color rendering index of Ra > 80, color temperatures of 3000 K, 4000 K7 5000 K and 6000 K,
and low UGR, it could meet environmental requirements and comply with funding guidelines for energy-efficient building and lighting solutions.

For special applications where requisited high accuracy of color, such as in museum,
jewelry store, printing factory and so on, CRI95 linear series is highly recommended


The high light efficiency of 160 Im per Watt makes reduction on energy consumption and additional cost. The LEDs keeps enough margin to make sure the luminaire efficiency reach the best level.


A continuous-row LED lighting system could be created only by a trunking unit
and an LED luminaire. It appears as a consistent continuous-row system, without
any visual interruption or different reflectors. The luminaire and trunking are
perfectly matched to each other.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting systems ensures optimum lighting and orientation, even in the event of a power failure.
General lighting and emergency lighting are combined in a single highly functional,
integrative lighting solution.A wide variety of emergency mode is available,

•Central battery systems / Generator

ELI EN1 & EL2 EN2 makes mode selected

•Self contained battery

Under this mode, the luminaries could be 6W or 12W, working for 1.5 hours or 3 hours (depending on the demand selected in advance)

Ni-MH battery we used is high temperature resistant to make sure its life time could be longer

Multi-Sensor System

Efficient tools for lighting are the basis for solutions with low operating overheads and high quality of light.
Supplemented with suitable light control, savings potential can be further significantly increased.
The right type of light management depends decisively on the specific building conditions and usage
of the area.With a wide variety of dimming light control systems with suitable sensor technology,
and thanks to open, non-proprietary standards, such solutions can be simply integrated into common
building management systems.

Dimming system is suitable for complex applications for controlling rooms and storey; for daylight-dependent control and dynamic light control.
3 types of dimming are available,

•DALI dimming

•1-10V dimming

•DIM switch

  • Chain
  • Cord
  • Rod
  • Surface Mounted
  • Mounting clip

It is specially designed and perfectly used for pinpoint accent lighting,
the effects they create are enhanced by lighting Special focus the light to attract the costomer’s
attention to the objects on display.Optimized for efficient accent lighting in supermarket,museums,
exhibition where merchandise billboard.paintings,sculptures and require accent lighting.


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