New Light Solution For warehouse application


Recently we received a warehouse case from our client.
The owner of the warehouse prefer a smart solution compared to the tradition LED high bay light.
At the same time,the solution need to meet below requirements:

1.Save energy and smart group control, the system must have easy access to adjust luminaires power on/off quantity and brightness based on different period of time.
2.Easy for installation and maintenance.
3.For luminaires between certain racks, the system must have sensor control for further energy saving.

Based on requirements above, we have chosen our best seller S-LINE, then how our S-Line meet those requirements?

1.The trunking rail equipped with 3 electric circuit wires L1,L2,L3, which enables each luminaire to switch circuit by moves the pin contact. In this way, the luminaires in a trunking rail line can be divided into 3 groups.

The wires in trunking rail has 3 options: 5/8/12. For 8 and 12 wires, there are D+,D- cables for dimming signal transfer, combines with dimming driver in luminaire, the linear trunking system can easily adjust the brightness of each luminaire.

 New Light Solution For warehouse application(图1)


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