Clothing supermarket in Dominica


In close cooperation with Dominica customer, Coreshine provided its linear lighting system applied in local clothing supermarket.

Before the project starts, there are three goals customer wants to achieve:
1.Reduce energy consumption by at least 60%
2.Emergency function.
3.Fast installation to save time& labor cost.

 Clothing supermarket in Dominica(图1)

 Clothing supermarket in Dominica(图2)

Well, for the 1st requirements, Coreshine S-line is a good choice. Dual chip with high lumen output,202lm/w, the finished product luminous efficacy is up to 160lm/w.
Plus, there’re 3 electrical circuit options for each luminaire, which means in one line, customers can divide luminaires into 3 groups. Switch to a different electrical circuit by moving the connector pins, customer can decide which group of light on / off. When stuff does some inventory checking or daily check out, just turn on 1 or 2 circuits linear light is sufficient.
After calculation, Coreshine’s linear can save at least 60% of energy consumption.

 Clothing supermarket in Dominica(图3)

For the 2nd requirements, Emergency function. Coreshine linear integrated with multiply function, such as DALI, Internal Emergency with battery inside, External Emergency, spotlight module, sensor module.
More than 400 pieces of energy-efficient LED linear light used in this project, integrated a part of Emergency luminaires equipped with Emergency driver& battery provides 3 house lighting in case of power cuts. What’s more, there is an indicator wire insert in each luminaire to show the working states of lights, which can save time for troubleshooting if there are any problems.

 Clothing supermarket in Dominica(图4)

For the 3rd requirements, there is 5.5meters height of open ceilings, by choosing CoreShine’s pre-wired trunking, no need extra cable duct for luminaire power feed-in, saved the materials cost.
And, It only takes 10-20 seconds to install a light, Pre-wired with connectors, just plug-play, totally tool-free for installation, can save 80% time of cost of installation and maintenance. “my grandma can install Coreshine’s linear” like customers always say, “great savings In time& labor costs, installer like it”!

 Clothing supermarket in Dominica(图5)

More detail information:
Installation height: 3.8 meters
Aisle distance: 1.6~1.8 meters
Completion: December 2019
Coreshine products: C series Linear lighting system


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