How led linear light benefit you in supermarket lighting


How led linear light benefit you in supermarket lighting(图1)

With the continuous development of LED lighting industry and the intensification of competition, lighting project has put more stringent requirement on led product, especially the supermaket lighting project.

How led linear light benefit you in supermarket lighting? My answer as below:

1.Extremely high efficiency up to 160lm/w
The chip we used is dual chip, with high lumen 202lm/w, after assembling it, the output lumen of our linear light is 160lm/w. It can help to save more energy cost compared with other lamp with lower lumen efficiency.

2.Simple switch control with three phase circuit.
Led linear light has 3phease could afford MAX 3500W/row ( when 220VAC ) only needs one feed in , you can move the connector pin to choose different circuit and control by switch. When in the morning not too many clients in supermarket, to save more energy cost, just turn on 1 or 2 circuit linear light is enough.

3.Pre-wired with connectors, just plug-play, totoally tool-free for installation,which
can help to save 80% time of cost of installation and maintenance.

4.Different color temperature and different beam angles are designed for
shelf ,public area and cashier area lighting.
—Shelving area
Usually 4000K or 5000K with wide/flat/ asymmetric angle is used for shelve area .
90°& 120°beam angle gives comfortable and uniform light.
Doubly asymmetric angle can help take full use of light on shelf without any waste.

—Cashier desk area
Sharp or narrow beam angle can help concentrate the light on the cashier desk and help cashier to work high speed and less mistakes.

—Open Area for fruits , vegetables and meat area
This area usually needs warm or natural white to make the foods look more fresh , beautiful and attractive to increases impulse-buying.
For open area, usually 90°& 120° would be good to cover more area and make the light uniform very good.

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5.Combination with track spotlight modular helps to high light the special products , advertisement and attract consumer’s attention

6.With the emergency function to help people to escape in case of emergency situation
We have interior (bulid-in battery) and exterior (generator or center battery) two kinds of emergency function , with 3 hours duration time .

With its advantage of energy-efficient, low maintence and convenient installation, led linear light is an idea alternative to traditional linear fluorescent lights in supermarket lighting, it is also excellent for new installation due to its low installation cost-everything in one box and installation is tool-less.

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