Outdoor Wall Light


As a decorative and powerful luminaire, the wall lamp can better highlight the characteristics of the building and highlight the taste of the owner. There are many types and styles of outdoor wall lamps, both direct and embedded. Directly mounted wall lights are easy to install and the built-in wall lights save space.

Outdoor wall lamp installation method
1. Determination of the installation location. Sometimes the lighting effect of the luminaire, the choice of distance is very important, but also the convenience of installation and maintenance, so the distance of the lighting should be determined when installing the wall lamp.

2. Is the detection of the switch sensitive? Can you instantly achieve the effect of switching the switch at will.

3. Fix the wall light. After the position of the wall lamp and the lighting are determined and installed, the first thing to be sure is that the fixing of the wall lamp, such as the method of punching, the fixing of the lamp holder, and the installation of the inner core, need to be fixed on the wall.


Outdoor Wall Light(图1)


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