LED Linear Strip Light


The LED linear strip lights works by assembling the LED light on the board because it is shaped like a strip. LED linear strip light are characterized by long life and energy savings and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The role of LED lights
LED linear strip light can be widely used in hotels, homes, advertising, bars and other industries, and can be used for main lighting, contouring, decorative lighting, etc. Because LEDs are inherently flexible and can be arbitrarily curled, they can be customized to form graphics, text, etc. LED linear strip light can be streamlined on the ceiling, which visually extends the sense of space. It not only ensures visual clarity, but also reduces glare.

LED linear strip light installation
The installation of LED linear strips lights can be divided into indoor installation and outdoor installation. When the LED linear strip light is used for interior decoration, it is relatively simple to install due to the influence of external environmental factors. The double-sided tapes behind the LED linear strip light, directly tear off the sticker and fix the light strip in the place where it needs to be installed. If it is used for outdoor installation, it can’t just use the adhesive paper, because the outdoor can always be affected by the weather, the card slot should be fixed, and the waterproof glue should be equipped to achieve good waterproof effect.


LED Linear Strip Light(图1)



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