Track light rail Module

    It is specially designed and perfectly used for pinpoint accent lighting ,Optimized for efficient accent lighting in supermarket where require accent lighting.

    Track Spot light with pre-assembled connector make it easy to joint linear trunking rail electrically and mechanically. Track spot light has three separate switchable circuit-N and L1, N and L2, N and L3. The head of Track Spot light can be rotated horizontally 360°, and adjust vertically 90°.

    Specification of product:

    product Picture Model No. Description
    tracking light Rail
    CST-15S-05X 1416mm, 5wires
    CST-15S-07X 1416mm, 7wires
    CST-15S-11X 1416mm, 11wires
    CST-06S-05X 570mm, 5wires
    CST-06S-07X 570mm, 7wires
    CST-06S-11X 570mm, 11wires


    1416mm track light rail module is for 2-3pcs track spot light.

    570mm track light rail module is for 1pcs track spot light.