How Do Coreshine Get Better And Better


After more than ten years, the lighting industry has been rising and falling, people are paying more and more attention to the lighting industry, and the quality of life has also improved. They have put forward new high requirements for the quality of the living environment. With the continuous expansion of China’s LED lighting industry and the intensification of competition, how can Coreshine still attract more and more customers in such a difficult environment?

For customers, we maintain friendly and mutually respectful cooperation with old customers and actively develop new customers.

For products, in order to meet people’s requirements for quality of life and various aesthetic requirements for lamps, Coreshine has to develop several new products every year.

Combine the above two points, and participate in various exhibitions every year, such as Strategies in Light in San Diego, USA, Frankfurt L+B in Frankfurt, Germany, HK lighting fair Spring in HongKong, China , LFI in Las Vegas, USA, Guangzhou fair , Canton Fair in Guangzhou,China and HK lighting fair autumn in HongKong, China. Coreshine keeps in touch with old customers with the constantly updating new products, and they are always aware of developing new customers.

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New item T-LINE has been put to the market in 2019, which is a customer design with perfectly matched with Europe 4 wire and North American 3 wire track rail. This new track linear is a continuous seamless lighting with option in-between to install track spot lights, even a various lens options according to the project requirements. It’s totally tool-less installation to help customers save labor cost and time. 

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  1. Phase pre-selection via adaptor, track linear can be adjusted by moving right or left

  2. For Europe standard 4wires,The maximum current is 10A,allowing 60pcs of 1500mm 35w in one serial row 220VAC power supply

  3. For America standard 3wires,The maximum current is 10A,allowing 30pcs of 1500mm 35w in one serial row 100VAC power supply

  4. Flexible change of installation position

  5. Existing track rail

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Coreshine U-line indirect linear lighting is a new innovation solution in 2019 .With its unique design, U-Line series directs 10% of the light upward to the ceiling and 90% reflected onto the floor. Delivering up to 150lm /w. it’s the third generation after C-LINE and S-LINE. they are the same structure, flexible and linkable installation。It use a special formulation coating technology and nanometer dusting to lower the UGR, and through the position and radian of the reflector hole to achieve the up and down lighting, make the lights more beautiful and softer.

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